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mobile phone N92 [how to] connect internet on pc using china mobiles (solved)

china mobile are awesome devices and also cheap devices then branded devices like nokia,samsaung,etc. all costly model of nokia and other branded mobiles are available on china models in very chip price.but the main disadvantage of china mobile; is was we can not connect internet on pc using china mobile. but tommorow i was trying to connect internet using my g five u800 with out installing any internet phone software and after trying for 3 hours i got sucess to use mobile internet access pc. so i am here sharing the trick to connect internet on pc using china mobile with all screen shot.

Steps You Have To Follow

Now Just Follow Steps Shown In All Screen Shots

  • Select ‘No not this time’ and press next.
  • Select ‘Install from a list or specific location’ and press next
  • Select the first option, press browse and point the location where you have extracted the contents of the zip file. Now press next.
  • The wizard will now install the driver and ask you for a confirmation. Press ‘Continue anyway’.
  • The wizard will finish the installation. Press Finish.
  • Now right click on my computer icon and select properties. Go to Hardware tab -> Device Manager. You will find a new port installed under Ports (COM & LPT) category. Remember the com port number next to “6218 Usb Modem Driver”.
  • Go to Control panel -> Phone and Modem Options Select the Modem tab and press Add. Select ‘Don’t detect my modem, I’ll select it from a list’ and press next.
  • From the list, select ‘Standard 33600bps modem’ and press next.
  • In the next page select the com port that corresponds to the 6218 usb modem and press next.
  • Press finish. Goto control panel -> Phone and modem options -> Modems -> select “standard 33600bps modem” -> Properties -> Advanced tab -> Change default preferences and select ‘none’ from the flow control combo box and press OK

Now You are able to connect internet on your pc using the china mobile modem


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